An Organization Dedicated To Helping the Seniors
Of Bexar County

Jefferson Outreach is a local 501-C3 non-profit organization which acknowledges the growing concerns of Senior isolation, lack of senior transportation and the need for resources that can help Seniors maintain a high level of dignity and independence throughout their life.

Our Mission

Is to help Seniors maintain healthy, secure and independent lifestyles. We are committed to providing no-cost supportive services that help enhance the quality of life of individuals over 60, their loved ones and care givers.

Message from the President and CEO:

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your continued support!

This year marks 36 years of service for the organization. Our dedicated volunteers, staff and board of directors have done an incredible job at expanding our outreach while strengthening our programs and services.

By connecting the community through transportation, art centered workshops, Dementia focused programming and socialization opportunities we can make a huge impact on senior quality of life.

Past performance measures and evaluations have proven that our efforts greatly impact the lives of all the clients we serve as well as the community in which we live and work. The culture of Jefferson Outreach is one that endorses innovation, and contributes to the ability for seniors to enjoy life.

Within the course of two years, we have grown our programs by 3,000 clients and created over a dozen new ways to support the seniors of Bexar County. What was once a small transportation organization, serving a limited geographic area, has now developed into a city wide resource providing our senior clients a variety of supportive services.

Our ongoing goal is to keep our programs free of charge and increase our service in the community. You all truly make this possible by coming together to donate time, resources, and financial contributions in support of our important mission.

I thank you wholeheartedly for being a part of Jefferson Outreach.

Bri Valdez

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