Get to know us

  • Who We Are

    Jefferson Outreach is a non-profit in San Antonio, Texas supported entirely by donations from churches, individuals, foundations and grants. We have a small paid staff and many volunteers, who are church and community neighbors, dedicated to the betterment of seniors quality of life through services that help them remain at home, rather than having to relocate to an institution.
  • Our Mission

    • To provide assistance and comfort to those who are 60 years old or older, who are home-bound,isolated or physically unable to help themselves so that they can maintain independence and remain in their home for as long as possible.
    • To provide opportunities to seniors or others who are willing and able to volunteer; to instill a sense of worth and gratification from helping others.
    • To serve as a focal point of contact to seniors who cannot access services to help them with their immediate needs or refer them to appropriate services.
  • What You Can Do to Help

    We have so many seniors who depend on us every week for transportation, groceries, meals and more. These beloved elderly people need you to give back some of yourself for the lives that they lived, and it would mean the world to them if you would volunteer or donate to us. Call us at (210) 734-5016 to get involved! We are located on 2201 St. Cloud, 78228 San Antonio, Texas.